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All you need to develop and boost your business in one great platform.

e-meet- meetings made easy

Simple and intuitive applications

Welcome to the Cloud of Neo Entrepreneurs, a cloud platform designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

You are self employed, a micro-enterprise, a company creator, or a small business, find on Kovalys Cloud all the tools and resources you need to effectively manage your daily operations, optimise your communications, realise your projects and collaborate with your teams.

We have chosen and tested the simplest and most effective tools so that you can optimise your time and focus on your business.

Effective business tools for all

Whatever your company size, sector or the maturity level of your business, our Neo® applications will help you gain time in your daily tasks. 

Company creators

Powerful tools to help you validate your ideas and turn them into reality in record time.


The right tools to better manage your business and optimize your customer follow-ups.


Collaborative tools for better communication and real time access to all data.

Startups and agencies

The essential toolkit to increase productivity within your teams.


Essential management tools for an effective monitoring of your members and your activities.

Neo® - Finance

One click invoicing

Streamline your billing process. Complete your invoices in 1 click and spend more time growing your business. With Neo®  Finance, no need to be in front of your computer to send a proposal, an invoice or a payment reminder anymore. Your business stays within reach at all times.

e-meet- meetings made easy

Neo® - Visio

Online meetings with no time limit

Designed for small businesses, startups, freelancers and self employed. Make your calls with ease—whether you're talking to a customer or webinar audience, conducting an online training session, hosting a team meeting or a brainstorming session...

Neo® - Drive

Secure online document storage

Gather all your files in one place and sync them securely across all your devices. Instant access to all data from any device, anywhere! Real time collaboration on documents with colleagues, clients, and partners.

Neo® - Events

Develop an international network

Organise and participate in business events both locally and internationally.

Infuse vitality and originality into your events. Foster a connected community around your projects, products and services. Get acquainted with businesspeople and investors who share your aspirations and interests.

With Neo-events, you have everything you need to develop a top-notch network.

Kovalys Cloud,
your ultimate business copilot.

Put an end to the multiple costly subscriptions to various tools. Kovalys Cloud gives you instant access to all the most common tools you need to manage your business in one place.

Technology should no longer be one of your daily concerns. You can now take the time to focus on developing your business, while we take care of the rest. Welcome to the cloud of Neo entrepreneurs.

Approved by entrepreneurs, startups, self-employed.

Kovalys Cloud enables managers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to save time, streamline their management processes, and expedite the growth of their business.


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Join a group of motivated, dynamic and passionate entrepreneurs and take your business to the next level. 


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