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The world is changing rapidly. Our societies are evolving. New subjects are within our reach – transhumanism, artificial intelligence, ecological urgency, space travel, increasing global population, longer lifespans, new global geopolitics, emerging societal issues, digital revolution, blockchain, quantum physics… There has never been as many opportunities as there are now!

If you are a visionary and ambitious entrepreneur with team spirit, a strong desire to excel in your field and a desire to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs and investors, then the Neo Entrepreneurs community is where you need to be. 🦅

Access to the community is free and on invitation only. 

Get your sponsor’s Neo code and apply for registration now. You will have access to all the tools you need to develop a quality global network and establish long lasting business relationships.

In our community of Neo entrepreneurs, your potential clients, suppliers, and partners are already actively doing business and creating opportunities for growth. Join now and tap into a network of driven and ambitious individuals who share your entrepreneurial spirit.

United we can reach new heights!

When building your network becomes simple

Business community

Join a community of highly motivated, dynamic, and passionate entrepreneurs and investors. Our collaborations are built on strong values that promote the success of all: kindness, solidarity, teamwork, self-improvement, boldness, a desire for excellence, personal growth, freedom, and openness.


Organize and participate in business, leisure or sports events with fellow entrepreneurs.


Take the opportunity to increase your visibility and build a high-quality network in your region, country, and/or internationally.

Your potential clients, suppliers, and partners are already actively doing business in our community.

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Membership criteria

Kovalys Connect is an international business accelerator that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and experts within the same network, creating an ecosystem that fosters success for all.

The network is exclusive and only accepts entrepreneurs, investors, and experts recommended by existing members. This procedure guarantees the quality of the network and provides a secure ecosystem to develop your business, projects, and partnerships in the digital age.

The network operates under the name of Neo Entrepreneurs community.

The Neo Entrepreneurs community is the new generation of entrepreneurs and investors who are aware of the world’s new challenges and the opportunities that come with them. They understand the urgency of taking concrete actions to transform those challenges into successes.

Entrepreneurs are changing the world and finding solutions to everyday problems. Coming together and working collaboratively makes opportunities more accessible.​

Welcome to the community of Neo Entrepreneurs. Together we can reach new heights!


Membership is free. To join the Neo Entrepreneurs community, you must be recommended by an existing member through a Neo® code and hold one of the following professional statuses:

Membership refusal

Kovalys Connect reserves the discretionary right to refuse membership to a member in the following cases:


Find a sponsor

The community is exclusive and only accepts entrepreneurs, investors, and experts recommended by existing members. Find a sponsor and welcome to the community!


Create an account

Use your sponsor’s Neo code to easily create your account in a few clicks. Once you’re in, you’ll have access to all the tools and resources you need to build your network and manage your business on Kovalys Cloud.


Tools & Resources

Access business events, entrepreneurship guides, business media, and expert-led training through the Neo Entrepreneurs community. Start boosting your business today!

The Neo Entrepreneurs community offers great opportunities to drive revenue, build win-win partnerships, and grow your business. You'll benefit from recommendations, contact exchanges, and business referrals on our private platform, as well as during networking events with other members of the community.

Your next-generation private business platform exclusively reserved for members of the community. 

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